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by Eric Mayson

Ōp-Nope is a phrase we use when things don’t turn out the way we thought they would. When you accidentally turn on the wrong burner on your stove, when your landlord decides he’s giving your house to his son, when your job decides to cut your position, when you find a kitten in the woods, when your family members fall ill, when friends move away, or when Donald Trump gets elected president. The songs on this record explore the feelings that arise during times of upheaval, and change.

Ōp-Nope written and performed by Eric Mayson
Additional lyrics by Ross Orenstein, Theo Langason, & Aeysha Kinnunen.
Produced By Eric Mayson
Additional production by Big Cats & Eric Blomquist
Vocals, Keys, Bass, synths, guitar, a drum or two - Eric Mayson
Additional vocals by Aeysha Kinnunen, Kara Motta, Margaret Johnson, Ross Orenstein & Theo Langason
Drums - Toby Ramaswamy 
Bass and drums on "Time In One Place" - Jesse Schuster & Arlen Peiffer.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Eric Blomquist.
Recorded at RiverRock Studios in Minneapolis, MN
Cover photo by Zoe Prinds-Flash