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by Eric Mayson

Ōp-Nope is a phrase we use when things don’t turn out the way we thought they would. When you accidentally turn on the wrong burner on your stove, when your landlord decides he’s giving your house to his son, when your job decides to cut your position, when you find a kitten in the woods, when your family members fall ill, when friends move away, or when Donald Trump gets elected president. The songs on this record explore the feelings that arise during times of upheaval, and change.

Ōp-Nope written and performed by Eric Mayson
Additional lyrics by Ross Orenstein, Theo Langason, & Aeysha Kinnunen.
Produced By Eric Mayson
Additional production by Big Cats & Eric Blomquist
Vocals, Keys, Bass, synths, guitar, a drum or two - Eric Mayson
Additional vocals by Aeysha Kinnunen, Kara Motta, Margaret Johnson, Ross Orenstein & Theo Langason
Drums - Toby Ramaswamy 
Bass and drums on "Time In One Place" - Jesse Schuster & Arlen Peiffer.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Eric Blomquist.
Recorded at RiverRock Studios in Minneapolis, MN
Cover photo by Zoe Prinds-Flash

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by Eric Mayson

Written by Eric Mayson
Produced by Big Cats and Eric Mayson
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Eric Blomquist at RiverRock Studios.

Photo: Serene Supreme

Design: Matt Gorrie & Anja Alecsic

A collage of sonic landscapes inspired by his many musical collaborations, “Detail” is a one-of-a-kind record featuring many of Mayson’s collaborators, including producer Big Cats, Crunchy Kids rapper Chance York, Caroline Smith and Mayson’s fellow Caroline Smith bandmates Jesse Schuster and Arlen Peiffer. The record defies genre, gliding seamlessly between hip-hop, indie rock, pop, and neo-soul. 


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As the “poster child of entropy”, it’s no surprise that Eric Mayson’s music and live performance is a journey from disbelief into knowing and back again. He understands music as a way to move through space. In an aerial shot, Mayson’s wide-ranging style stretches from minimalist electropop to smooth R&B, progressive soul, and straight hip-hop, while visiting grinning pop, rock and roll, and operatic arrangements.

He builds things from the ground up. Layers are everything, details are the big ideas. To Eric, “if something feels like a full idea, it is one.” His lyrics are hints. Whether direct and considered or fragmented and esoteric, they are not meant to direct your experience or tell you about a thing – they are foundation for contemplation. The impact of his music shifts within the context it’s presented.

He’s a multi-instrumentalist, but frequents the keys. “His deft keyboard playing is only topped by the sky-high soar of his voice”(Okay Player). He has played for the likes of Lizzo, Caroline Smith, Toki Wright, Big Cats, DaNCEBUMS, and as the musical backbone of Minneapolis hip-hop group Crunchy Kids. Whether piano, cello, or bass, his playing is fully embodied; you can see the music happening in and radiating through his body. He stomps. His knees bounce. He traverses the terrain of music he creates.

Born in Corpus Christi, TX, he bounced around the US with his musical father and curator mother before finding roots in Minneapolis at age 16. He left to pursue an education in acting; but in the aftermath of a house fire, returned to Minneapolis in 2010 where he found a love for producing and playing hip-hop.

His first solo release, Detail (2015) is a 40 minute cassette tape with only one track break. “An ambitious sonic collage of psychedelic R&B grooves, experimental hip-hop and straight-up sexy pop tunes with Mayson’s smooth but piercing voice out front” (Star Tribune). He is joined by frequent musical collaborators (Chance York, Caroline Smith, Big Cats, and others). Recorded at RiverRock Studios, Detail was “produced at a quality that we rarely hear from the snowy land of 10,000 lakes”(Okay Player). Eric Mayson is back with new tunes as he prepares to release his sophomore venture with RiverRock Music Group.


"It’s time we all got much better acquainted with Eric Mayson” -Okayplayer












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